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Parks & Recreation

Carmella Playground (Formally Whitehall)

2100 Wakeling Street, 215-685-1235

Jon Rocks and Michael Sherman, 215-685-1235


Deni Playground

1381 Ruan Street, at Adams Avenue and Church Streets,



Frankford Playground

Between Bridge and Pratt Streets at Saul and Penn Streets


Frankford Valley Playground

At Tacony and Church Streets


Gambrel Playground

At White Hall Commons,4800 Ditman Street

Calvin Goodner, 215-685-1243


Mc IIlvan Playground

5200 Penn Street, at Frankford Playground

Bill Arthur, 215-685-1228


Moss Playground

 5700 Torresdale at Torresdale and Cheltenham



Northwood Park

Arrott Street and Castor Ave


Overington Park

4600 Leiper Street, Orthodox and Leiper Streets

-Friends of Overington Park

President, Diane Kunze, 215-537-5750


Simpson Playground

1010 Arrott Street

Steve Hoppel, 215-685-1223 or 215-535-9556


Simpson Rec Center

Arrott and Large Streets,1010 Arrott Street

Timothy Ginter, 215-685-1223


Tacony Creek Park


White Hall Commons see Gambrel Playground

Ditman Street between Margaret and Wakeling Streets


Wissinoming Park

Frankford Ave and Comly,Between Frankford and Cheltenham Avenues.

Joanne Ives, 215-685-1498


Wissinoming Playground

At Wissinoming Park, 5801 Frankford Ave

Joanne Ives, 215-685-1498


Womrath Park

At Kensington and Frankford Avenues

Janet Bernstein, 267-982-9620